• Letter from Lesotho Africa
    Dear Michelle, May I convey my warmest greetings to you all and your families and friends. As a children’s teacher at our church in one of the villages in my country LESOTHO, found in Southern Africa, it is my sincere and deepest gratitude for the gifts we received on behalf… Read more: Letter from Lesotho Africa
  • Leaving a Legacy
    Planning ahead to leave a legacy is something our friend Larry did this past year. Thank you Larry for your thoughtfulness and continued support of your time and now, your future legacy. Would you also consider making a planned giving arrangement in your Will for Giving is Good, Inc? According… Read more: Leaving a Legacy
  • Family First
    Cami & Doug Behl and their son, “Little” Doug, have been faced with a health challenge that was unexpected and caused everything in their life to stop.  Their focus needs to be 100% on Little Doug’s healing and treatment.  Cami is a program coordinator at Giving Is Good, Inc. leading… Read more: Family First
  • Team Building Events
    To help us achieve our OCC Shoebox goal, we’ve introduced a new opportunity for local business owners – Team Building Events. This brings your ‘remote’ team together for a few hours to bond as a team, safely. We offer shields, masks, and keep the group size low to help with… Read more: Team Building Events
  • In The News…
    Michelle Blackman was recently contacted by SCORE in Green Bay, WI and her interview was published here – Please read and share with friends!
  • The Winner – “We LOVE to Give” Event
    Congratulations to Sara, from Green Bay, who submitted this beautiful poem for our “We Love to Give” event, and won the prize package. – – – – – – – – – – –Somewhere Somewhere at the end of the day, I get to hug you.Somewhere when it is quiet… Read more: The Winner – “We LOVE to Give” Event
  • Giving Feels Good!
    When a person “gives” to others and it’s appreciated, there are actual endorphins released in the brain, (according to many studies). Endorphins help us feel GREAT! And the studies say they are healthy for us. We came into our charity office today and a very kind person had mailed us… Read more: Giving Feels Good!
  • Bags Bring Joy
    So what are Bags? These are bags filled with hygiene items, snacks or hard candy, maybe a pair of socks or gloves, and some encouraging words. Giving is Good receives donations of boxes and boxes of new hygiene items, snacks and candy, and we put those to use to… Read more: Bags Bring Joy
  • Slippers for Veterans
  • Giving Your Talent
    Over the 14 years I’ve been volunteering for Operation Christmas Child, I’ve seen such talented people make dresses, toys, hats, slippers, blankets, jump ropes and so many other things to put into gift shoe boxes for children. It’s impressive to see what they make that will just light up a… Read more: Giving Your Talent