Team Building Events

To help us achieve our OCC Shoebox goal, we’ve introduced a new opportunity for local business owners – Team Building Events. This brings your ‘remote’ team together for a few hours to bond as a team, safely. We offer shields, masks, and keep the group size low to help with social distancing.

Each team comes in for lunch, a short 20 min team building session with Cami, our certified expert, and then the fun begins. Each team builds items for the boxes like jump ropes, puzzles, etc – then assembles the boxes for gender and age group. Once the boxes are done the group can write letters to each child and insert a note about them and their family.

NEW Resources Inc. Milwaukee, WI visits Giving is Good, Inc to build boxes for OCC, Team Building Event.

“It’s really a fun event” says Mackenzie from Oshkosh Corp. The IT Strategy Team came to visit this past month and really had a great time connecting and sharing our time together.

“I really enjoyed learning more about this charity and the ways you create items for each box” says Don from NEW Resources, Inc from Milwaukee, WI.

Would you consider asking your boss for permission to put a team of 6-8 people together and join us for a fun team building event? Contact Us for times and dates. Also, there is no cost for this event but donations of items and funds are welcome!

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