G.I.G.gle Bags Bring Joy

So what are G.I.G.gle Bags?

These are bags filled with hygiene items, snacks or hard candy, maybe a pair of socks or gloves, and some encouraging words. Giving is Good receives donations of boxes and boxes of new hygiene items, snacks and candy, and we put those to use to benefit people less fortunate during this cold, cold winter.

If you are homeless, or struggling this winter, having to rely upon a shelter for warmth, imagine being given a GIGgle Bag. You get toothpaste, and a toothbrush, shampoo, soap, mouthwash, razors, lotion for those dry, cracked hands, hand sanitizer, gum, hard candy, encouraging, loving words and Bible verses. These bags are so colorful and bright and we think they not only are useful, but brings smiles and joy.

We encourage you to make one to keep it in your car when you’re on the go and see someone in need. If you see sales or clearance prices at local stores on any of these kinds of items, please keep us in mind. We accept donations of items all year long.

G.I.G.gle Bags (Giving is Good Bags)

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