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Giving is Good, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity that focuses on year-long programs and short G.I.G events (Giving is Good Events) to bring helpful, needed and joyful items to children and adults that live locally here in the Northeastern Wisconsin area, nationally, and internationally to countries you may have never heard of. Letters from those we’ve helped (coming soon)

To support these programs and events, we are seeking gifts of items and financial partners that will make it possible for us to store, sort, package, ship and ultimately impact thousands of people in need. As you can see from our logo below, we bring together people with one heart to help those in need!

Will you please pray about and consider partnering with us?  Thank you!

Fact-oid! Giving IS a good thing.  It feels good.  It does good.  To cheerfully give is actually good FOR us.  There are real studies proving that giving to others helps your overall life satisfaction and it can activate areas in your brain the same way as when you win an award! 

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