"We LOVE to Give" Contest

Win all of this! Nail polish galore, bath sets, journal, Love Bear, candy, cozy throw blanket, hygiene items and plenty more. All for you for the best poem! Read details below.

Sometimes it’s fun to just give things away….especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. But how would we choose the person to gift all this to? Poetry! This array of loving, warm and useful items will be given to the person that writes the best original poem about love and emails it to us by Wednesday, February 12th. The poem must be 4 lines or longer. Email your poem to givingisgoodtoday@gmail.com.

Contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. If you live in Northeastern Wisconsin, you’ll be able to pick these prizes up in time for Valentine’s Day. If you are outside our area, we can arrange to mail it to you, but it will not reach you by Valentine’s day.

Let your creativity soar and your love shine through, and maybe YOU can win these gifts for yourself or for you to gift to someone else you care about.

There are only three rules: Your poem must be an original you wrote and be 4 lines or longer. You must email the poem to us by end of day 2/12/2020. You must “like” our facebook page: Giving Is Good, Inc.

That’s it! Have fun!