Team Building Activity

Team Building Event with NEW Resources, LLC – Milwaukee, WI

Our team building activity will be a memorable event and one that you’ll want to schedule multiple times per year! Think of how popular is was to bring your teams out and get locked in a room, asked to work together to solve riddles and puzzles to break out. Now it seems there are new and interesting ways to bond as a team, from throwing Axe’s to playing air hockey or even football bowling.

Giving is Good, Inc. has created a program for your team that will warm your heart and drive your team to bond on a whole new level, learning how to to be a better ‘giver’. “Giving” is a skill that enhances your spirit at work, at home, and in all aspects of life. Learning how to be a better giver takes the strength to open yourself up to the possibility that you can improve and learn, expanding your self awareness to those around you and around the world. In doing so, you will see a side of yourself and your team that you may have never seen before; most certainly, not enough!

Our goal with this program is to show you that having a ‘giving heart’ will enhance every area of your life and work performance. We hope to provide a venue for this to happen and encourage you to rally your team to get excited about this new way to bond and grow together.

Team Activity Outline: Join us during the day or early evening for some food and a chance to hear our story. We will also spend some time getting to know you. We’ll give you a tour of our GIG center and the process we use to make items and build boxes. We’ll then break up into groups of 2 or 3 so you can create some items, build a few boxes, and then re-group for a time of reflection and discussion. This opportunity is open to the public and is free of charge, but we do ask for a suggested donation of $15 per box to help cover the cost of the items, food for the event, shipping the box to its destination, and any printed materials we provide. The leadership and facilitation provided is volunteer, but is also provided as a part of your gift for each box that’s built.

Example Team Event Opportunity: 8-10 teammates spend 2-3 hours together, create 2-3 different craft items, assemble 3-5 boxes each, share a meal, and learn more about themselves and their team; The results are truly amazing! Suggested donation per group of 10 people is $600 (4 boxes per person).

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