Delivering Smiles!

Giving is Good wants to be there for our treasured residents of nursing homes and assisted living homes due to visitors being limited and even prohibited during these next few weeks.

Partnering with us to help is easy! Please write out an encouraging card…or type up/hand write an inspirational note…or color a page and write “You are special” on the top….something that a resident would love to receive to encourage their day. Giving is Good will accept your notes, cards, letters and coloring pages from anywhere in the country, and we will deliver them to nursing homes and assisted living homes, along with wrapped treats for the residents. Let’s help this precious generation of people know they are loved and treasured and not forgotten. We will follow all guidelines in getting the items to the residents. We may have to leave it all outside their door for an employee to bring in. We will call each location first to find out their procedures.

If you need a coloring page, you can find thousands on the internet to print off. We have included four here you can print right from this page. Just click on the ones you wish and print. Please encourage your children to do for others during this time they are off of school.

We realize this will cost you the price of a stamp. Thank you for sending as many as you can. Mail your cards, letters, pages, etc. to Giving is Good, 2701 Larsen Road, Green Bay, WI 54303. If you would like to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, (not necessary) possibly the resident will write back. (No guarantees on that.) You can also remain anonymous by not indicating last names or return addresses on the envelope.

Will you partner with Giving is Good to spread some love and smiles to a generation of people desperately needing it now? Thank you so much!