Articulate Someone Great

Articulate Someone Great – Christmastime Event!
(Teaching Kids How to Give to Others AND Use Creative Writing Skills)

Friends, Parents, Teachers:  Please share this information.

Hey kids!  Do you know of someone that is great, but may be struggling right now and could use a blessing from you?  Are they sad?  Maybe they recently got hurt.  Maybe someone bullied them.  Maybe they lost someone or a pet they loved.  OR, maybe they did something brave and you want to tell the world about it.  Maybe they are just such a great friend or family member and you want us to know why.

Tell us about this person by writing it in a letter, and if your letter is chosen, we will deliver or mail a new, fluffy, soft, stuffed animal, like the one pictured above, along with your letter about them, and a letter from Giving Is Good.  Here’s your chance to GIVE to someone else and brighten their day.

Here are the details and rules:

  1. The child entrant needs to be ages 5 through 17 only, please, and can write in from anywhere in the United States.
  2. Entrant must mail a letter to Giving is Good with a minimum of five sentences, in their own handwriting.  Either cursive or printing is allowed, no typing.**   Please be as detailed as possible, and be neat.  If we can’t read it, we can’t judge it. 
  3. The person you are nominating can be ANY age.
  4. Along with telling about the person you are nominating, the letter needs to contain at the top:  The entrant’s first and last name, age, parent or guardian’s name, phone number and email address.  At the bottom of the page, include the person’s full name you are writing the letter about, their approximate age if a child or just state “adult” if not a child, their phone number, email address (if you know it) and their parent/guardian first name, if applicable.  (We never sell, display, share or solicit any information provided about you or the person you are writing about.) 
  5. You cannot nominate yourself.  It’s so much fun to give to others!
  6. The letter must be mailed to Giving is Good, 2701 Larsen Road, Green Bay, WI 54303, and be postmarked between New Dates Coming Soon – We selected a winner for our December 2019 program.
  7. There will be eight (8) letters chosen to win.  If your letter is chosen, we will contact you. 
  8. All decisions are at the discretion of the Giving is Good board members and are final.
  9. Please “like” our Facebook page and share it with others.  We appreciate that!  More events will happen throughout the year. 
  10. Please one (1) submission only, per child entrant.

Please remember all nominees are very special people, and all children writing in are very special people, but only a few will be chosen as winners. More events like this will happen throughout the year. Keep trying!

**If your child is unable to hand-write the letter and someone else must do so or type it, please have a parent or guardian indicate why on the letter. 

Send Your Submission to:

Giving is Good, Inc
2701 Larsen Road
Green Bay, WI 54303