Nominate a GREAT Family

Our non-profit charity, “Giving is Good”, would like to bless a local family with Christmas gifts. Our charity is donation based, so we are so happy to share new toys and items with others from what we receive in.

Do you know of a family with young children that is struggling this Christmas season, or possibly hurting due to loss or physical issues?  Maybe a Military family? Would you would like to bless them?  We’d love to hear about them in an email sent to  We are asking you to tell us about this family and the situation that has prompted you to nominate them. Please do not nominate your own family.

Please note: Our events are either international, national or local.  This event is local only.  The winning family must live within the Green Bay, WI area. Even if you are not entering, would you please “like” and “share” our Facebook page, “Giving Is Good, Inc.” and ask your friends to share it, too? Our website is: 

Here are the details and rules:

  1. Anyone at any age can write in, but the family you are nominating must be currently living in the Green Bay, WI area.
  2. Send an email including your full name and phone number.  Include the full name of the family members and the approximate ages of the children you are nominating. 
  3. If your nominated family is chosen, we will contact you, personally, first, before the winning family is notified. 
  4. All decisions are at the discretion of the board members of Giving is Good and are final.
  5. Excerpts from winning letters may be posted on the Giving is Good website and Facebook page.  Full names can be omitted, if wished. 
  6. Please “like” our Facebook page, “Giving Is Good, Inc.”